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Jeff Schall President
Lloyd Lechner Secretary
Paul Soucy Treasurer
Andy Tews Fin. Secretary
Jim Feller Chairman Bd. Of Lay Ministry & Education
Rick Fink Bd. of Lay Ministry & Education, WLA Plenary Board
Rev. Chester Zuleger Bd. of Lay Ministry & Education
Ted Anderson Bd. of Lay Ministry & Education
George Schroeder Bd. of Lay Ministry & Education
Dave McCauley Chairman Bd. of Christian Living
Charles Wagner Bd. of Christian Living
Christopher Wichmann Bd. of Christian Living
Dennis Moldenhauer Bd. of Christian Living
Ron Wesener Chairman of Bd. of Property
Ken McAllister Bd. of Property
Rick Roll Bd. of Property
Andy Tews WLA Plenary Bd.
George Schroeder WELS Representative
Rev. Dennis Bratz Pastor
Christopher Wichmann WLIM ( Now"IM") Rep:
George Schroeder LMSG Liasion
Paul Soucy & Gerald Winchell Camp Philip Reps:
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