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Through My Bible In 3 Years
» Through My Bible Yr 2 – March 26
» Through My Bible Yr 2 – March 25
» Through My Bible Yr 2 – March 24
» Through My Bible Yr 2 – March 23
» Through My Bible Yr 2 – March 22
Faith Related Q and A
» Is it sinful to drink undiluted wine? A Baptist is telling me that it is sinful to drink wine that is not diluted with at least three parts water to one part wine. He claims all wine was diluted in biblical times. This seems strange since Isaiah 1:22 seems to speak of diluted wine in a negative sense.
» My son has been struggling at our WELS school for a few years. His teacher is good. He just doesn't fit in. We are trying to decide if we should send him to public school instead. I am worried that making this choice will hurt him, as I am a faithful believer in the benefits of a Christian education. However, he is so unhappy. Our pastor isn't very approachable, and the teacher/principal has tried and is a good guy, but it just isn't working for my son. Any advice?
» What does WELS say about baptism?
» I have a question regarding cigarette smoking. Is smoking cigarettes excessively gluttony?
» What is the difference between confessional Lutheran beliefs and the beliefs of Baptists?
Today's Devotion - Audio
» Real People – March 26, 2019
» I AM – March 25, 2019
» The LORD Cares – March 24, 2019
» Celebrate Being Debt Free – March 23, 2019
» Stubborn – March 22, 2019
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