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Through My Bible In 3 Years
Faith Related Q and A
» Can God create a rock so heavy that he can't lift it? I have heard this question several times before, and it seems self-contradictory, because since God is all-powerful he should be able to both make the rock and lift it.
» After marital and Christian counseling, I have decided to file for divorce from my husband due to marital unfaithfulness and forms of abandonment. My question is, as I look forward, is it ever OK to date again? At what point would that be acceptable?
» Since you have a campus ministry, we were expecting that you would be catering to college kids. However, our granddaughter came home this weekend and said that she attended your service last weekend and found the songs depressing and sad. It left her with a bitter taste in her mouth. She told us that she will now be attending the Free Church. What's equally sad is that she has two friends from our area whom I'm sure she'll persuade to go to the Free Church with her. What exactly are you doing to leave this kind of impression?
» In today's political climate the hate groups such as the Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists seem emboldened to publicly spew their hate. And the most concerning of it all to me is that they try to hide behind being Christians and that their way is ordained by the Bible and Jesus. So, can you please help me with Scripture to point out that they are not being Christians by what they believe? When I think of Jesus' example, he associated with people of all nationalities and sent his disciples out to all nations. I am just having a hard time putting my finger on some Bible verses to bring this message of treating all people with love regardless of their heritage.
» 1 John 4:7b states: "Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God." I believe that Scripture is the perfect, inerrant Word of God and so I want to know how to understand these words when I know an atheist who shows a lot of love to people but does not know God.
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